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3 Ton ice plant with video

3 ton ice plant factory in india

3 ton ice plant factory in india

3 ton ice plant factory in india

3 ton ice plant factory in india

Totaly automatic ice plant 
Fully Transferable
Based on Flor on Gas (404 A)

Space Need20 Feet Length and 15 Feet Width
Can Nos25kg and 50Kg
Can Quantity 25kg 120psc
 50kg 60psc
Can Size25kg                                            50kg
2 feet                                           3.25 feet.  
24” x 12” x 6”                               39” x 16” x 8                                            
Power Connection (HP)20 (HP)
Power Source3 Phase
GasFlor on Gas (404 A)
MaterialCopper, Stainless steel, Iron

Detail of 3 Ton ice Plant

  • Three ton plant produces Fifty kg and twenty five cans 
  • 60 pieces will come out with Fifty kg can
  • And 120 pieces will come out with twenty five kg can.

  • 3.25 feet. 39” x 16” x 8” This is the size of a 50kg block
  • 2 feet 24” x 12” x 6”This is the size of a 25kg block 

  • Inside this tank 60 such blocks will come out everyday,

  • Outside steel is applied as it is in every one of our plants.

  • It has no cooling tower system is the air coolsystem.

  • It has a small unit Inside which is a compressor And it has a panel system.

  • Inside the panel system you are given two switches.

  • Inside this is one switch off agitator and switch is compressor

  • And if you turn it on, the light will come on and the light will go out it will automatic start and automatic off.

  • it will  Automatically shuts off when ice is freezes.

  •  You don't even need to have any operators inside it And there is only 15kg of gas used.(One Time)

  • Speaking of power connection, inside it is a total power connection of 20  horsepower.

  • Need space off this plant 20 feet Length and 15 feet Width In such a place the whole plant will be set.

  • heaight off shed is average 14 feet. 

  • We do not give you cranes in 25kg block Because these cans can be easily lifted by hand
  • And if you need a crane, we have left the crane system and you have to charge extra money for crane.

  • If you choose 50kg can So to you crane system You will get। 
  • Call time is 8 a.m to 8 p.m 
  • 3 ton ice plant factory in india

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